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Msandesh provides Bulk Sms & sms solutions. We specialize in intelligent pushing and pulling of information using sms. We can customize our offering by a combination of various products and services, catering specifically to the needs of the organization.

Msandesh Branded Bulk Sms (With Sender Name) Benefits:
No Sender Name Charges
Delivery Confirmation Reports
Through multiple ports & Gateways
Easy accessibility – send sms from anywhere using internet
No Software cost
Branded sms – creates brand value
Connectivity: High sped connectivity through multiple gateways & ports

Send sms with your brand / company name (Sender name)
Alphanumeric sender name up to 11 characters.
Single sms – sms to all India mobile Nos
Group Sms: Send message to desired group of recipients at a time
Multiple Sms: Send sms to multiple phone Nos at a time
Multi Sms / Excel Sms: Send different sms to different recipients at a time (Upload sms)
Scheduled sms - Sms Alerts / reminders
View sent sms history


Bulk Sms Solutions for
Corporate communications
Trade Transaction Confirmation (Stock Market / Banks / Courier etc)
Sms Reminders (To colleagues / bosses /subordinates /husbands!!! / Everyone)
Service Reminders (Auto, water purifiers etc Service)
Customer Relations
Office Automation
News circulation & announcements
SMS Alerts
Interactive Campaigns
Brand Promotion
Product Launch
Sales Lead Generation
Mobile SMS Advertising India
Mobile SMS Marketing India
Mobile SMS Promotions India
India SMS



Corporate communications
Communicate about product launch, price change, policy changes, promotional offers, targets & milestones, result announcements, etc instantly to all External & Internal Stake Holders - employees, vendors, distributors, associates, customers etc. Sending in birthday greetings, tip of the day to employees.

Sales force automation
Communicating Targets & milestone/Achievement/ New Product Lunch & incentive plans    

Sms Reminders
Now don’t let your colleagues / bosses /subordinates / husbands!!! etc have any excuse from attending meetings, missing deadlines and any other important action. Set reminders to your own self and for others.

Launch contests about products, technologies, general knowledge among your customers, employees, associates, public in general etc. Let them know that you care and are involved for their well being

Receive feed back from customers instantly, know all what your customers needs & feels.

Customer Relations
Send birthday/ anniversary, festivals wishes to customers. Stay in touch send them product updates & new launches information, promotional offer etc

Office Automation
Alerts a person or groups on meetings, events, personals, email, and appointments.  

Send birthday/ anniversary festivals etc wishes to your near & dear ones.

SMS Alerts
Set alerts for power fail /critical technology fail
Stock price movement, circuit hitters

SMS Advertising / Marketing / Promotions / Brand Promotion / Sales Lead Generation
Send sms to your customers for lead generation, product awareness and promotional scheme advertisement.

Interactive Campaigns
Contests, Quizzes, Voting, etc